Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Greece or EU Residents.

Travel Insurance

Irrespective of all the time spent preparing for your special journey, there is always the possibility of an unexpected event cropping up. Here at ATS, we pride ourselves in helping you to cover all your bases with our travel insurance packages, tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

You can image the array of problems that can crop up during a trip, from lost luggage to delayed flights. With our insurance, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Let us do the worrying for you.

We have partnered up with Lloyds of London, a top European insurance company, to ensure your peace of mind when travelling alone or with loved ones.

European resident? We’ve got you covered, irrespective of your age and stage and destination (yes, even if you are 65+!).

Check below our Travel insurance packages!

Annual Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad for work or pleasure is a common occurrence, but have you ever considered purchasing annual travel insurance coverage that is both more cost effective and convenient? Our packages come in different permutations and cover European and worldwide destinations. Ask our representatives for more information on which one would best suit you.

Travel Insurance for over 65s

Entering the higher risk bracket (65+) with its attendant higher premiums is the travel industry’s response to perceived risk due to age. But here at ATS, we are pleased to offer affordable travel insurance for the over 65s with exactly the same coverage as for any age group.

We strongly advise you to explore your travel insurance policy; it is not so much about the cost of the insurance as it is about the terms and conditions we promise to meet (from lost luggage to medical coverage) in the event of things going wrong. Do not delay; as soon as your trip is booked, organize travel insurance so that you are financially covered in the event of having to cancel your flight or accommodation.



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